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Septic pumping

Regular septic pumping is key to maintaining a healthy residential septic system.  Proper care and maintenance can save you thousands of dollars down the line. Diamond has you covered with services that include: septic pumping, cleaning and inspections.

Our competitive pricing, professionalism and superior service sets us apart from everyone else.  We’ve made it our business to make your septic service as seamless as possible.  With Diamond, you can be sure your needs will be met.  

Service starting at $523.
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Sorry, you are outside our area of septic pumping.

We'll need to contact you.

We offer tank locating and digging of the lids for additional cost. These services are done prior to pumping. We will contact you to discuss the additional fee.

Extra charges may apply - Heavy sludge, Extra suction hose (greater then 120')

We do offer Tank locating and digging of the lids - Will need to contact the customer if they want this service.

We offer 3 time slots, Monday - Friday

7 - 10 am

9am - 12pm

11am - 2pm

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